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  • TriZetto Partner Alliances

    TriZetto has five categories of alliances:

    Software and Content

    Software and content companies provide TriZetto clients with value added software applications or intellectual content that integrate with, complement or connect to TriZetto solutions. Software or content is included within the TriZetto application package or offered separately on a licensed or hosted basis.

    Business Services

    Service alliances provide business services that complement TriZetto’s business process outsourcing (BPO) services such as front-end, claims administration, enrollment, billing, and business rules configuration such as EDI, ID card, print and mail, ERA/EFT and related claims processing services. TriZetto also offers 5010 mapping and ICD-9-CM to ICD-10-CM mapping tools.


    Consulting Services

    Consulting alliances include external system integrators and consulting companies that provide services related to the custom development, implementation, and support of client systems external to TriZetto solutions.


    Distribution alliances include third parties that offer professional services as part of an integrated TriZetto solution. These integrated solutions are targeted at market segments that complement TriZetto direct sales efforts such as Government programs or International markets.


    Development Technology

    Development technology partners provide the platform upon which TriZetto solutions are built. Examples: hardware; programming languages, databases, application server environments, and EDI services.


    In combination with TriZetto’s products and services, the partner solutions selected by TriZetto help clients achieve the integrated model that is the core of TriZetto’s mission and vision.


    We are interested in hearing from you if you believe your company can provide solutions that support IHM in any of these key areas:

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    Partner Program Benefits

    Partners get the benefits of TriZetto's large and national payer footprint, access to technology experts, development tools to assist in creating joint solutions through integrations, and access to a first-class sales and marketing team that will help position and promote your products.

    130+ Million Lives in Production – 52% of US insured population

    360+ Payer Clients – includes health plans and third-party administrators

    All Sizes – serving most major national health plans, over 50% of regional plans and many emerging plans

    All Types – private payers, 62% of BCBS plans, Integrated Delivery Networks (IDNs), provider-owned plans, Third-Party Administrators (TPA), and government

    All Lines of Business – Commercial Medical, Medicare, Medicaid, Individual, Dental, Vision, Behavioral

    Government – Processing 32% Managed Medicare and 46% Managed Medicaid


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