Security Management Tool

  • Banner - Solutions Utilities - People working - Sub Page 362x246Automate the management of your Facets security data.

    The TriZetto Security Management Tool provides an efficient way to configure, manage, import, troubleshoot and distribute Facets security configurations across multiple Facets environments. The solution provides a single, centralized repository of your Facets security configuration data, with a user-friendly interface and full Facets integration that streamline the security configuration process. The tool provides a controlled, managed process for keeping configuration data in sync among environments such as training, development and production.

    TriZetto’s solution can help you:

    • Reduce time required to configure Facets security profiles. New profile configurations can be completed in minutes instead of hours.
    • Streamline administrative tasks and reduce manual errors. Leverage the solution’s “compare and copy” features across environments to improve administration of profiles and access management.
    • Increase visibility into access-provisioning actions. Maintain a continuous log of security configuration changes. Create and customize audit-ready reports.
    • Provide audit-ready capabilities for your Facets security management. Ensure that your access-management process conforms to industry best-practices.
    • Implement a repeatable process.  Configure Facets security profiles once and then push them to multiple Facets environments.