TriZetto Supplemental Mapping Management Tool for Facets™

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    In an increasingly complex healthcare environment, payers continually struggle to be responsive and remain competitive. As plans seek to entice new members, control costs, and leverage the detail of ICD-10 to improve care, many plans are faced with introducing an ever-growing number of benefit plans.

    The Facets core administrative system from TriZetto and its optional modules provides payers the tools and resources to accommodate their business needs and new benefit plans. One of the ways the Facets solution accomplishes this is through the new supplemental mappings, which enable payers to have greater precision and more ways to configure the claims processing rules and qualifiers required by those new benefit plans.

    We offer the Supplemental Mapping Management (SMM) Tool for Facets clients who need an easier way to manage and configure the supplemental mappings. The Supplemental Mapping Management Tool provides your organization additional capability to manage new rules and qualifier groups, make configuration changes faster and more accurately, increase administrative efficiency, and optimize configurations for increased performance.

    With SMM, your organization can:

    • Save hundreds of hours annually in configuration time by providing increased transparency of the current configuration and dependencies while streamlining configuration management tasks.
    • Improve configuration accuracy by reducing resource-intensive, error-prone manual editing, researching, and mapping of existing configurations.
    • Quickly edit, copy, or re-order rules that apply to specific criteria instead of scanning all rules individually.
    • Easily search the qualifier groups and rules within the Supplemental Mapping Management module with an easy to use interface.