TriZetto® Medicare Solutions - Enrollment Administration

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    Compete for members more effectively.

    To help increase your share of the Medicare market, you need to grow your membership base at a faster rate than your competitors grow theirs. Quick and accurate enrollment can help you get there, satisfying new members with fast processing and retaining current members with better service. Accuracy in enrollment and enrollment data can be critical as well. Your enrollment data is the key to verifying eligibility information, checking on benefit plans, submitting claims and billing premiums. When your members are happy, CMS rewards you with better Star Ratings—and that creates the potential for additional reimbursement. To help you with accurate and timely enrollment, TriZetto offers Enrollment Administration Manager.

    Accurate and timely enrollment for Medicare Advantage.

    Enrollment Administration Manager, part of TriZetto® Medicare Solutions, gives you the capabilities to accurately and efficiently enroll and disenroll members in Medicare Part C and Part D. You’ll have the tools you need for collecting data, maintaining your member database and submitting member data to CMS. With superior technology in a streamlined solution, TriZetto enables you to:

    • Reduce administrative costs by automating common tasks and translating complex business logic into easy-to-use screens and queues.
    • Easily integrate enrollment data with a claims processing system, case management applications and other IT systems.
    • Respond quickly to changes in CMS requirements.