Value-Based Reimbursement

  • medium-drawing-success-chart-362x246To change the way we deliver care, we have to change the way we pay for it.

    Some forms of VBR shift clinical and financial risk from payers to providers—when providers are better-positioned to manage risk. When properly designed, VBR models can help payers improve collaboration with providers, get ahead of government mandates, and better satisfy employer demand for more effective and innovative benefit options.

    Successful VBR programs, however, require automation. That’s where TriZetto solutions can help.

    TriZetto’s Value-Based Reimbursement Solutions.

    Many TriZetto solutions support value-based reimbursement models by bringing greater automation to administrative tasks and improving payer-provider collaboration and communication. TriZetto solutions provide support for initiatives such as accountable care organizations and patient-centered medical home.
    TriZetto’s NetworX Payment Bundling Administration™ solution is a prospective-payment solution that supports third-party bundles and is designed to help payers reduce medical costs by automating bundling programs.

  • TriZetto Services

    Our world-class services include application hosting and management, business process services, and consulting. TriZetto’s application hosting and management are delivered via cloud technologies to give clients flexible and scalable business services. Our global team of experienced professionals possesses deep knowledge of both the healthcare industry and TriZetto solutions, helping clients solve their unique business challenges and achieve results more quickly.


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    Value-Based Reimbursement: The Reimbursement Revolution

    Value-based reimbursement (VBR) models have the potential to improve the quality of healthcare while reducing cost. Read the white paper and discover how VBR helps improve collaboration, gets payers ahead of government mandates and satisfies employers’ need for more effective and innovative benefit options.